Undergraduate studies (1998-2005): I obtained my Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree at the University CEU-Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain. Those years were intense in terms of learning and experiencing. I participated as intern in a field study carried out by Huntingdon Life Sciences to investigate how the active compound carbaril was absorbed and excreted by 36 workers when applying the commercial product SEVIN 85S. I also did two summer internships accompanying clinical veterinarians working mainly on large ruminants in Galicia, an eminently rural county in Spain.

At the time I got my DVM, I had guided my career towards clinical veterinary care in agricultural field. During the summer of 2005, I worked for the Health’s Spanish Ministry as a veterinarian supervisor in two different slaughterhouses covering the vacation period of the official veterinarian.

Clinical Veterinarian (2005-2007): I worked as a clinical veterinarian in Tonai S.L. located in Valencia, Spain. Tonai S.L. is an agricultural company and at that time had approximately 40 employees, 5000 cattle heads distributed in several facilities and several hundreds acres. I joined Tonai S.L. in September 2005 as director of the main facility, supervising 9 workers and 2000 cattle heads. In this facility, calves spent between 2-3 months to complete their productive cycle. I faced for the first time the big problem of antibiotic resistance, not from textbooks but from professional activity. I felt that I should contribute to solve this problem from another perspective and searched for laboratories in the molecular microbiology field to pursue a doctoral degree.

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Lecturer (2011-2013): At the final stages of my PhD, I applied for a lecturer position at the Veterinary College (Catholic University of Valencia, Spain). From Sep 2011 to Jan 2013, I taught  four different subjects. Genetics and Microbiology to first and second year of undergraduate students of Veterinary respectively; and also taught Microbiology and Molecular Biology of Microorganisms to second year of undergraduate students of Biotechnology. However, it was a brand new University and scientific research was quite difficult. I discovered that I really liked teaching, but I also decided that teaching should be complemented with research. Switching to a different field gives you outstanding assets to your professional background. Therefore, I searched for Structural Biology Laboratories to continue my training and I got a position as postdoctoral scholar at The University of Chicago.

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